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Applying for Extra Help Paying for Prescription Drugs

Updated: May 27, 2020

Medicare has a program that offers a subsidy to help pay for your cost of prescription drugs. This subsidy is called a "low-Income subsidy" which provides different levels of assistance for some, or all of the costs of your monthly prescriptions. To apply for Extra Help, you can send in an application to Social Security or call them at 800-772-1213. You can also visit their website, Go to the "prescription help" section. Also you can literally go to Social Security in person and apply at the SSA office near you.

One step better....Call or email us at 1VICTOR Healthcare and we can tell in less than 5 minutes whether you qualify or not. Our professionals will provide you with one on one help with your application or will give you the information you need to get qualified.

WHY CALL US? The wait at the Social Security office or over the phone is longer. Inevitably Social Security is the agency that will approve your application. We have nothing to do with that. But like our plan services, we will help you gain access to those benefits a lot faster.

If your application is approved, those benefits start the date you first applied. Extra help usually lasts at least a year. But every year Social Security reviews you financial information including your personal banking information. And each time if nothing has changed, you are renewed again automatically. Make you sure you are on the look out for that review. Missing it can end your Extra Help! We have measures set to call you and remind you. Hey guess what? We will even do the leg work for you before, during and after you are qualified for Extra Help. We will even keep you abreast your yearly review.


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