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Have you heard of cyber insurance?

Updated: May 26, 2020

When you use our website, we really do not collect any of yourpersonal information. The only information we collect is the information you provide for immediate contact. We also collect information to connect us directly and easily to you, which allows you to access our site.

Please note! Please understand! This is important! No one from 1VICTOR Healthcare & Services will not ask for any of your personal information online n the prescence of others. (To verify LIS, the most you will give during a secure one on one appointment will be your birthdate.)

Further NOTE:


The reason we created a sign in sheet is to contact you with your permission. We ask for your name, email and/or phone number to contact you via landline, Zoom online conference or direct email chat. During enrollment, it is one on one so only you and the agent know your personal details like , doctors, medicines, MBI Medicare number, birthdate, home address with zip. No one from 1VICTOR will discuss this info in the presence of anyone.

The only exceptions to this rule would be another employee as a notary to verify over the phone signatures or to make sure you are qualified.

We have a place on our website. Here, you can call us or provide information for us to call you and discuss specific details. This protocol keeps your private info safe!

The objective of our website is to provide you with a resource for written and virtual answers. This is designed to be a safehaven so you can ask questions live over the phone or in one of the online session chats. This is what we call our Cyber Insurance.

*Family Services or DSS/Medcaid verification processes your status using your Social Security number, but not every time. But if you are on Medicaid, all you need is your DSS number or medicaid number. We will work around getting your social security number to protect you and us!

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